Hailee was about as close to perfect as we could imagine a person to be. Hailee wanted everyone to be happy and to have fun, never was a big fan of turmoil or conflict.  The simplest things made her the most happy. We think the mere fact that she was alive and had a life intrigued her. Hailee was caring, loving and compassionate and always looked forward to our week at the cabin during the 4th of July because she knew there would be campfires, fishing, and most importantly... swimming - no matter temperature or time of day. Hailee truly enjoyed every day because of the fact that it was a new day.
The amoeba infection took Hailee's life within 2 days of becoming ill, just 5 days after swimming in the lake right next to our home. If we had only known this deadly amoeba existed, she would have never been swimming that terribly hot Minnesota day. We went 2 years without knowing what caused her death and now our goal is to educate others and support research for those lost and those that may not have to be lost to this unforgiving amoeba.




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